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We are a family team who are passionate about dogs. It is our aim to welcome you and your pet, and provide you with friendly and attentive service.

Richard Turnbull

Phone: 07951 618777

Email: info@faithful-friends.co.uk

Position: Company Owner/Dog Walker


Dogs have always been a huge part of my life, growing up with a German Shepherd, then going on to own a  Border Collie.  Now the proud owner of three fabulous Flat Coated Retrievers. (Unfortunately we lost Storm to bone cancer in May 2014 so sadly now only have two)

I have a keen interest in dog training and agility and have been going to The K9 Academy since 2006, From 2008 in the capacity of an assistant, learning so much from Joy and Sue who own the club.

I enjoy gun dog training with my Flat Coats in my spare time, purely non-competive, i enjoy seeing them doing what they were bred for.

In 2008 I had the unique expereince of going to Crufts with my first Flat Coat Storm.  We won a place in the Northern Team to demonstrate the Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver Award, which Storm had passed previously through K9 Academy, an unforgetable experience. 

I have also taken part in working trails for Bloodhounds. I started by handle a friends dog called Hermit, who has sadly now passed away. We were a good team winning in novice group in 2010.  I then went on and passed an exam in 2011 in conjunction with the kennel club to assist and organise and judge at the working trials.  In 2012 my friend Graham Cook and i were invited to Belgium to judge in their trails.  A valuable experience as they have any breed of dog entered which was very interesting to see.

I have just had my first attempt at managing in the 2013 spring trails. 

Sandra Turnbull

Phone: 07903 478362

Position: Co-owner, Home Boarding Licencee 


 My dogs are a huge part of my life. My first dog was a golden retriever who lived to be sixteen.  We then got our first flat coated retriever, Storm, we fell in love with the breed and got Merlin 2 years later.  Followed shortly after by Hollie who is only two months younger.  Finally to complete the pack my daughter got her first cocker spaniel Darwin.  After the sad passing of all of these precious babies in recent years our little pack now consists of Milo, Trinity and my sixth Flat Coat Melody,not forgetting the newest member little cocker spaniel Bliss.


As you can imagine this lot keep me pretty busy! Holidays are a thing of the past, now we get away as much as we can in our tourer and the dogs come with us! 


I have been attending the K9 Academy for over 10 years, and I have gained a vast amount of experience with different breeds understanding the needs of puppies to older dogs. My own dogs have worked through the kennel club good citizen awards which has helped so much with their training.


I tend to take care of the home boarders and young puppies who need one to one attention and I now have an established dog walking round of my own clients too. 

Jen Cage

Phone: 07866 028191

Email: dogslifeadvice@gmail.com

Position: Dog Behaviourist & Trainer, Walking/Home Boarding Assistant


I'm Sandra's daughter and the owner of Bliss the Cocker Spaniel. I've always loved animals, particularly dogs, and I'm at my happiest when surrounded by wet noses and wagging tails! I've been a pet owner all my life, and I have over a decade of professional dog handling, care and training experience. This includes three years of working in a nursing capacity at a veterinary surgery, an experience which greatly bolstered my general knowledge of pet animal health. I also completed a course in Advanced Pet First Aid Training in 2017 to refresh my knowledge and skills in this area.


My role within Faithful Friends is as a general dog's body (pun intended!), assisting with the care of the dogs we walk and those we have staying with us. If we've ever home-boarded your dog, chances are I've cuddled the life out of him/her at some point! Additionally, I accompany my mum on her walks during the day. I also help with IT-related tasks, such as paperwork, accounts, updating the website and designing marketing paraphernalia.


My main role is that of a dog behaviourist, and I offer both dog training and behavioural therapy consultations on a one-to-one basis. In 2016, I was awarded a Masters degree in Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare (specialising in domestic dog behaviour) from Newcastle University. Passing this course with distinction has given me the appropriate academic qualifications required to do what I do. I also aspire to eventually become a full member of the Association of Pet Behavioural Counsellors, and to start running training classes with view to becoming a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers at some point in the future.


Although dogs are my main interest, I’m also fascinated by animal behaviour in general. I love reptiles, especially lizards. I own a Gargoyle Gecko named Lexi, and I am hoping to add an African Fat Tailed gecko to our family later this year. I'm currently studying for a certificate in Reptile Care & First Aid, so you may see us adding 'Pet Reptile Visits' to our list of services in the coming months! I have also been a member of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour since 2012, and I enjoy trawling through scientific journals to keep up to date with the current research in numerous areas of science, particularly canine behaviour and care.

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