The Flat Coated Retriever – Why we love our Flat Coats so much!

Flat Coats are friendly and out-going, with a gentle temperament. They always greet friends, new or old, with great enthusiasm and wagging tails. On that note, it’s worth mentioning that if doggy kisses are not your thing, this is a breed to avoid!


They are often referred to as the Peter Pan of the canine world, due to their clown-like behaviour and slow maturation rate. Intelligent and heavily motivated by food, Flat Coats are easily trained with gentle techniques and treat incentives, but do not respond well to harsh ‘old school’ handling due to their sensitivity. As an active gun breed, they are good for working activities such as retrieving, and also enjoy swimming.

Meet our Flatties!

MILO - Our Gentle Giant


Milo is our oldest flat coat at four and a half years-old. He’s strikingly tall, with supermodel-like legs. Despite his age and size, his mind is very much stuck in puppy-mode! He loves to play, especially when it comes to wrestling with his fellow Flatties, as well as chewing and chasing toys. Although wildly energetic during the day, in the evening he will curl up on your knee as readily as the world's cuddliest lapdog. Which would be fine, if only he weren't so big!!!

TRINITY – The Tomboy


Three and a half year-old Trin is the middle child. She came from an impressively large litter of 14 puppies. Her eleven brothers have apparently rubbed off on her as she is rather boyish in nature. She has a slight authoritative streak, and keeps a watchful eye over Milo and her little sister. She likes to socialise and will enthusiastically greet other dogs with many kisses. She loves food, and often sings for her supper! She's also very bright, and has appeared at Crufts as part of K9 Academy’s obedience display team.

MELODY - The Princess


Our youngest flat coat is two and a half year-old Melody, who comes from the same parents as Trinity. As the baby of the family, she enjoys tormenting her older sister and Milo, and somehow manages to be cute enough to get away with it. She’s very inquisitive, and sometimes follows her nose into something unpleasant.  Although she can have her wild moments, she also has a sensitive side. She’s always the first to come for cuddles, and can be rather insistent if she is denied them.

BLISS - The Devil In Disguise


Bliss the Cocker Spaniel is the newest addition to our family. She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but she's as mischievous as they come! She's good at keeping the Flat Coats on their toes, especially Melody who is her favourite 'victim'. When she's worn out from all of her mischief, she can also be very sweet and affectionate, and has been a great comfort to us all since the passing of her predecessor, Darwin.

In Memoriam

STORM – Naughty but nice! ( 25/6/2006 - 24/5/2014)


Storm was definitely the clown of the family. Large for his breed, but a total softie – a true gentle giant! He loved everyone, especially those bearing treats. His bad habits included stealing, so you needed to watch your pockets when Storm was around! For all his silliness, Storm could be very well-behaved when the situation called for it, and had appeared at Crufts as part of K9 Academy’s Silver display team.


We are very sad to say we lost our beautiful boy Storm to bone cancer on 24th May 2014, one month before his eight birthday. RIP our darling boy.x

MERLIN – The Top Dog! (Or so he thinks!)

(11/2/2008 - 17/3/2016)

Merlin was the natural athlete of our pack. He had a very slim build, which allowed him to perform very well as a working gundog. He loved ball games, and had acquired the talent of stuffing as many tennis balls as possible into his mouth – his record was three! You could measure his level of mischief by the speed his tail wagged at – the faster the tail, the more trouble you would be in for! He was also very cuddly and loving, and loved to be around us at home.


​We are very sad to say we had to say goodbye to Merlin on the 17th March 2016 also lost to cancer aged just over 8 years. Loved and missed so much.x RIP our darling boy.

HOLLIE – The lady of the house

(10/4/2008  -  1/12/2015)


Hollie was Storm’s younger sister (by blood) who we adopted when she was only 16 weeks old. Hollie was the true top dog of the pack, and keeping our boys in line was like second nature to her. She was also very loving and well behaved, and enjoyed agility and training classes. Also, chances are that she would have made a wonderful mother if we hadn’t had her spayed, as she loved puppies.


 We are very sad to say we lost our beautiful girl on the 1st December 2015 aged 7 years after a short illness.  We are all devastated and miss her so much every day. RIP our precious girl. x


DARWIN – The Honourary Flat Coat

30/06/10 - 15/06/18

Although Darwin was a Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel, being brought up with the Flat Coats appears to have led him to believe otherwise! He definitely acted like he was a lot bigger than he actually was! 


Darwin liked to police the young Flat Coats in the home to make sure that they didn't get into too much trouble. He enjoyed getting Flat Coat kisses, with Melody and Trinity taking turns at being his personal face-washer. Although he was small, his spirited personality more than compensated for his lack of size. Not unlike the Flat Coats, he was a true gourmand. And his love for chasing tennis balls would given any collie a run for its money!


Sadly, Darwin was taken from us on 15th May 2018, succumbing very suddenly to pancreatic cancer. He is missed terribly and will always be remembered.

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